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Polson Farmer’s Market
Guest/Temporary Vendor Procedures

Polson Farmer’s Market is a producers–only market, meaning that all products sold must be grown, produced or made by the vendor. The vendor must play an active role in the production of the product. You may not buy it at wholesale and re-sell it at the market! The Market wants to encourage and offer a place for local vendors to set up and sell those items. We consider Local Vendors to be those within the Mission Valley. (About a 50 mile radius of the Market). Preference will be given to Local Vendors.
To prevent product saturation, the Board shall limit future vendors of a particular product if they deem the supply of that product to be more than adequate. Temporary vendors will be allowed based on the need for a particular product.

Guest/Temporary Vendors must have an application on file with the Market Board at least one week prior to participating in the Friday markets. The Board and/or Market Master will review the application and if approved as a Guest/Temporary Vendor, you may then come to the Market for the possibility of placement.

All Vendors must follow the Rules and Regulations of the Polson Farmer’s Market. These Rules and Regulations may be downloaded below or picked up at the Market Master stand during regular market hours. The Market Board has the right to deny acceptance into the Market if behavior is disruptive or disrespectful.

All interested parties must check in with the Market Master and pay the $15.00 fee by 8:00 AM.

Selection process for placement will be as follows: Local vendors with fruit or unique products will be placed as soon as a known spot is available. A lottery system will be used (if necessary) to fill the remaining vacancies. This portion of the placement will take place at 8:15.

Due to the need for this process to happen in a timely manner, the Market Master will determine which space the Guest/Temporary Vendor will be placed in.

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